Improving User Experience — GSoC 2021 Week 9

As I said in my previous post, I had sent pull requests for completing the user access control system, and those were reviewed and merged during this week. Most of the things I wanted to do for my project is over now and the next thing I have to do is improving the UX of DHIS Connector Module. So this week I focused on those tasks.

Throughout the week, I was able to work on 2 tasks which are “Adding a feature to test the DHIS Connection” and “Upgrading the automation UI to toggle automation separately”

Testing DHIS2 Connection

In the current version, users can’t check whether the DHIS2 instance is connected properly to the OpenMRS instance through the module. If the connection details are wrong, it will cause errors when pushing data and creating mappings. If the user want to check the connection status, he will have to re enter the connection details and submit and thats not good in UX perspective.

Therefore I added a new button which allows users with relevant privileges (View Connection or Manage Connection ) to test the connection status. So it will not change the connection details, and it will show a notification saying the connection is successful or not. Here’s a small preview.

Toggle Automation

I upgraded the Automation UI of DHIS Connector module by adding a separate option to toggle the automation. Previously the toggle option was bit confusing for the users since it doesn’t contain a button to save the automation toggle. The users only had a single button to submit all the changes.

So I added a separate button to save only the automation toggle. Here’s how it work.

The automation UI can be upgraded into a more simpler version. So i’ll be working on that in the upcoming week.

Also I have started updating the documentation, and need to complete it within this week. Only one week remaining so need to wind up everything for the final evaluation. I’m really happy about being able to work on this project at Google Summer of Code 2021. If you are also interested you can start work from now to select for the next year’s program.



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