Deploying OCL Subscription Module — GSoC 2022 Week 8

Hey everyone! This is my weekly blog post for the 8th week of GSoC 2022 coding period. During this week, I mainly worked on 2 tasks which are completing previous-imports component and deploying the module to the OpenMRS demo server.

Deploying OCL Subscription Module

As you all know, is the demo server we use for OpenMRS3 development. The main micro frontend modules of openmrs are deployed in dev3 and publicly available for testing. However, the OCL Subscription Module which is the micro frontend I'm working on was not deployed there since it was a new module. So this week I spent time creating a GitHub action workflow for the module deployment.

This micro frontend module is in the esm-admin-tools mono repo as esm-openconceptlab-app package. So the GitHub action workflow had to be created to work with the whole mono repo. So when writing the workflow, I referred to the ESM-Patient-Chart CI workflow which is also in a different mono repo. I added scripts for build, pre-release, release and deployment. This is the pull request I opened:

Completing the Previous-Imports Component

I was able to complete the component which I was working on for several weeks. Last week I complete the initial layout of it. You can read my previous blog post to learn the functionality of the module. During this week I fixed the remaining minor bugs, added paginations, added unit tests and opened the pull request.

Here’s a small preview of the component.

With that, the basic functionalities of the module are completed. The next step is to fix the minor issues and improve the user interface and user experience. I’ll be working on those in the upcoming weeks.



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Piumal Rathnayake

Piumal Rathnayake


I'm a Computer Engineering Undergraduate at University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. And I also work as a software engineer at Sustainable Education Foundation.